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Screen Printing
T Shirts first brought screen printing to the attention of the man in the street. It is the process whereby the logo is exposed onto a mesh screen. Ink is applied to the screen and a squeegee pushes the ink through the screen to the branding area. This method provides excellent coverage and is especially good for large and bold logos. Ideal for T Shirts & bags, folders umbrellas. 
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Laser Engraving
A logo is burned onto the product with a laser, replicating the logo with precise accuracy. The LASER burns the top layer of the product off and exposing the underneath layer. This is a permanent method of branding and ideal for all metal pens, metal key holders, mugs, flasks, stainless steel tools, etc. 
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Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with designs stitched with strands of thread. Embroidery machines are driven by computers that read digitized embroidery files created by special software. This branding process is ideal for textile fabrics and gives a permanent and upmarket branding onto any garment. 
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Digital Dome Printing
Stickers are digitally printed in full colour on adhesive vinyl and coated with a polyurethane resin coating, that gives a three dimensional surface. These can be automatically cut to any shape or size required. Dome stickers must be applied to a smooth surface and is an ideal branding method for multi-coloured logos which are hard to replicate with other printing techniques. 
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Pad Printing
A logo is applied to a plate which is then covered in ink. A silicone cushion is pressed onto the plate and the cushion is then used to transfer the logo onto the product. Each colour is applied separately but excellent detail results can be obtained. Pad printing is used on smaller plastic items. 
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Using an aluminium block, a logo is pressed into the surface of the product using both heat and pressure to create a permanent stamped impression in the product. This branding process is both subtle and classy and looks great on folders, note books and even on diaries. Normally diaries use hot foil in the debossing process where thin foil is used to create colour. Even though heat and pressure are applied, it is applied in a lesser volume during debossing and therefore not such a deep impression is created.
personalized gifts
Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are digitally printed in full-colour on an adhesive vinyl and then automatically cut to almost any shape.

  • Cost-effective, low or high-volume, multi-colour branding method
  • Strong resistance to fading or damage
  • Can only be applied to flat or sightly curved surfaces


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