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clothing embroidery branding
I love greeting new clients because it allows me the opportunity to describe the Promo Concepts philosophy. Our years of success are due to this philosophy, which includes helping our clients meet and exceed their branding objectives.

Promo Concepts started in 1990 as a promotional marketing business and after 30 years has grown in maturity to offer our clients the most comprehensive range of ideas & variety on the promotional platform.

We specialize in 4 areas, namely corporate clothing, gifts, signage, calendars and diaries. We coordinate all the branding of our products, so our clients have a hassle free support from purchasing to receiving the final products.

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Alex Varga Giftsets
Exclusive range of giftsets for him or her from Alex Varga
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Promotional products continuously communicate your message or the brand identity of your company. They are invariable practical, user friendly, low cost marketing tools.

Quality products add value to the end user’s perception of the supplying company – we are proud of our brand! Promotional branded products offer a wide range of exposure not only to the user but to other clients/ customers by whom the product is seen.  

clothing embroidery branding


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